Changing Mindsets Training

Changing Mindsets Student Champion Training

Date: Wednesday 7th November,

Time: 1:30-4: 30 pm

Venue: LE0.06 Milldam Building

Changing Mindsets is an Office for Students funded project and includes student and staff workshops that build a growth mindset: the belief that intelligence is not a fixed characteristic and can be increased through effort. If you would like to participate in this training you will receive a certificate that indicates that you have met the key learning objectives. You will also be given guidance on how to list this training on your CV and HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). Also, you will be provided with information about how this training will enable you to meet a number of the Hallmarks of a University of Portsmouth graduate.

By participating in this training you will receive a certificate that indicates you have met key learning objects,  including:

  • An improved understanding of your own mindset
  • An improved understanding the interaction between stereotype threat, implicit bias and mindset
  • An improved understanding the impact of your own and others’ mindset on your own and others’ behaviour, language use, and expectations
  • An improved understanding of the impact of behaviour, language use, and expectations on learning and educational outcomes
  • An improved understanding of strategies for developing your growth mindset, inclusive behaviours, high expectations for all and enabling language

All University of Portsmouth students are welcome to attend this workshop.

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