How personal tutoring can help you

Personal tutors can help you with:

  • Providing academic expertise – Personal tutors are academic members of staff with various research interests and expertise. This means that your personal tutor will not always be an expert in all areas you are studying, although they will be committed to your academic progress and development more generally. If your personal tutor does not have expertise in a particular area of your studies, they will direct you to other staff within the department. Academic tutors and course lecturers are on hand to provide support for your chosen academic subjects.
  • Discussing academic progress – Personal tutors organise time to meet with tutees to discuss their academic progress in general. Unlike a private tutor, however, they are not able to work one-to-one with you to prepare specific pieces of academic work. If you are struggling to complete work independently or experiencing other academic difficulties, you should still speak to your personal tutor. They will encourage you to develop an independent style of learning and help you to seek further specialist support with study skills if you need it.
  • Accessing key student services – Personal tutors are highly qualified members of academic staff with different skills and professional experiences. However, they do not receive training to be student counsellors, careers advisers, disability advisers or immigration/housing/money/ welfare specialists. University of Portsmouth Student Services has staff trained in all of the areas just mentioned. Your personal tutor will be committed to supporting your wellbeing and will be able to direct you to further specialist support or guidance, when required. Crucially a personal tutor can discuss how difficulties may impact on your studies.
  • Answering questions – The breadth of academic disciplines at the University and the diverse needs of the student body mean that personal tutors cannot answer all questions about all aspects of your university experience all of the time. They’ll do their best to help, even if that’s just pointing you in the direction of the answer! Personal tutors will allocate time for tutees to either drop in or make appointments to ask questions. Staff at the Student Hub or advisers at the Students’ Union (UPSU) are also on hand to answer your questions.