Your personal tutor

What are personal tutors and why do I have one?

Your personal tutor is an academic member of staff in your department – this could be a teaching fellow, lecturer or professor. These academics will teach students, undertake world-class research in their field and sometimes they will also have responsibility within departments or faculties for other aspects of learning and teaching, such as admissions to university, education or assessment.

Personal tutors understand the University, and particularly the faculty that you are studying in. They know what it is like to be a student working hard to achieve a degree, and they will be committed to ensuring that students achieve their potential and make a success of their time at University. Most importantly, personal tutors provide you with the opportunity to periodically take stock of your learning, academic progress and general wellbeing as you progress through your studies, offering guidance on how to seek further support if you need it. Your personal tutor should be the first person at the University who you speak to if you are having any difficulties that are affecting your studies. These could be academic, financial, health-related or another type of problem. If you develop a friendly and professional relationship with your personal tutor they could be a vital source of support when you need it to ensure that your studies do not suffer if life becomes difficult.

Your personal tutor is an important point of contact within your academic department, they are here to:

  • Help you to adjust to being a student at the University of Portsmouth by providing guidance, support and encouragement.
  • Provide opportunities for you to discuss your academic progress and develop confidence with independent learning.
  • Support you should difficulties arise by offering you the chance to discuss how these may impact on your studies, and signpost you towards further specialist support at the University.
  • Provide encouragement for seeking out experiences and opportunities to enhance and complement your academic studies.
  • Be a single point of contact throughout your programme of study to help you to make a success of your time at Portsmouth.



Below you will see the types of issues that may impact your academic progress. Click on the hotspots to see how your personal tutor can help support you.