Group Work

Why is group work important?

group workDuring your time at university you will be asked to work in groups for specific activities and assignments. These groups are usually set up by your lecturer and they can differ in size. However, groups are usually no larger than 10 people. By contributing to a group work assignment you will not only be responsible for specific elements of the task that has been set, you will also gain a number of valuable skills.

What can I gain from working in a group?
Working in groups is a great way to gain collective ideas from your peers; individuals bring different perspectives to a problem, which helps you to consider different approaches to the successful completion of a task.

The ability to work well in a group is a skill that many employers look for in a graduate. So during your time at university it’s important to look for opportunities to develop the attributes that can make you an effective team player.

Skills you will gain…

  • Teamwork and networking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative working and thinking skills

Don’t forget…

  • Be inclusive – each team member has something to bring to a project, so it’s important that everyone has a chance to voice their ideas
  • Be timely – don’t let your team members down! Make sure that you turn up on time to organised meetings, that you are prepared, and that you have all the necessary work with you to contribute to the project
  • Stay focused and stick to the plan – it’s easy for meetings / discussions to drift and this can cause unnecessary delays in completing a project