Lab Work and Practical Classes

Lab work and practical classesDepending on your course subject you might be required to participate in practical classes. These ‘hands on’ classes give you the opportunity to put your theoretical work into practice.

Practical classes can be lab-based, computer-based, or might involve clinical practice or fieldwork. They are typically directed by a tutor or lab technician. During these practicals you will learn new subject-specific skills and techniques, so it’s important to not miss these classes – they’ll be vital to your professional development.

Practical classes give you the opportunity to experience a natural workplace environment and allow you to practice the skills needed to go along with that – team working, problem solving and safe working practices, for example.

As with other classes, you might need to do some preparation before attending your practical session. Also, check whether you are expected to bring along any equipment or materials to a session – your course handbook will contain this information. During a practical class, remember to take notes – this will help you evidence your work.

Depending on your discipline you will be assessed on your competency in learning and applying new techniques, and on how you gather, record and analyse your data. These are all transferable skills that graduate employers value highly.

Skills you will gain

  • Practical ‘hands on’ development of skills and techniques
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Problem solving